Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens welcomes and encourages the placement of approved decorations throughout the cemetery.  It is our mission to continually improve cemetery grounds so that they are always visually appealing to families and visitors and respectful to those who make this their final resting place.  We must balance those goals with the ability to maintain the grounds in a responsible, cost efficient, and safe manner.  We respectfully request full compliance of the rules and regulations as set forth. Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens reserves the right to at any time amend these rules and regulations as deemed necessary.

Decoration removal will take place twice each year, to be announced, at the beginning and end of the cutting season.  The first decoration removal in 2020 will begin March 1.  All ground decorations will be removed on this date with the exception of burial decorations from recent interments. Spring decorations may be placed beginning March 3.

At all times, Rose Lawn reserves the right to remove anything deemed unsightly or that which poses a risk to visitors, employees, or contractors.

Decoration Restrictions in force ALL YEAR.

The following are restricted from use at ALL times.  The staff of Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens will remove and dispose of these items without notification.

  • NO plantings or fences.
  • NO ground statues.
  • NO glass or ceramic objects of any kind.
  • NO loose commemorative items, (figurines, trinkets, stuffed animals, etc.) unless permanently secured to the monument base.  Items that are secured may not extend beyond the base of the monument. Loose items are never to be placed or secured on ground level markers.
  • Vases cannot be permanently attached to ground markers unless they are invertible.
  • NO balloons.
  • NO styrofoam decorations.
Decoration Rules Image 1

Decoration Restrictions during the 2020 cutting season (March 3 – November 3)

White Dogwood

During the cutting season the following restrictions will apply:

  • All of the year round restrictions shown above.
  • One shepherd’s hook per monument/marker.
  • One in-ground decoration per grave.  
  • ALL in-ground decorations must be in a temporary or permanent vase so that grass trimmers are not affected.  Rose Lawn recommends the use of a sturdy one piece cone (no twist off spike).
  • NO grave blankets.
  • NO potted plants.

Decoration Allowances during the non-cutting season

During the non-cutting season we are happy to relax restrictions to allow for the following:

  • Multiple decorations per grave.
  • Potted plants.
  • Grave blankets (secured) are allowed for the period beginning AFTER the fall decoration removal thru January 31. All grave blankets will be removed from the grounds on February 1 of each year (weather permitting).
IMG 20170528 110137

Flag Rules

Flags may be placed on graves on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day.  Flags should be no larger than 12” x 18”.  Rose Lawn will place flags at the sites of Veterans (as can be determined) on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Flags will be removed within ten (10) days of the holiday.