/Tree&Bench Memorial Program
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Memorial Trees

The sponsorship of a memorial tree is a wonderful, lasting tribute that benefits the cemetery, the community, and the environment.  Individuals or groups may sponsor existing trees or the planting of new trees.   New trees will be planted in the spring or the fall and will be located at designated areas.  Sponsorship costs to include cost of tree (if new) and installation, ongoing maintenance, and memorial plaque, marker, or paver.

Sponsorship range ($300 – $750)


Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are another way to memorialize a loved one while enhancing the aesthetics of the cemetery grounds.  Individuals or groups may sponsor existing benches or the purchase of new benches.  The placement of new benches or the relocation of existing benches will be in designated areas defined by cemetery management.  Sponsorship costs to include the cost of the bench (granite or steel),  installation or relocation, foundation fees, and memorial plaque.

Sponsorship range ($900 – $2,100)