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Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens is a privately owned cemetery. The rules established are to protect the interests of the owners of Rose Lawn, those with interment rights, guests, and contractors. Rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

  1. Hours of visitation each day are sunrise to sunset.  Anyone on the grounds outside those restricted times will be considered trespassing.
  2. Vehicles will maintain a speed not to exceed 15 mph.
  3. Vehicles to keep ALL tires on roads always.
  4. NO firearms, bikes, or skateboards are allowed on the premises.
  5. Pets are welcome but must be leashed and waste picked up.
  6. Rose Lawn assumes no liability for damage to any monument, marker, vase, or extension of such. Rose Lawn shall take reasonable precautions to protect owners, and the property rights of owners, from loss or damage, and disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, and especially, from damage caused by the elements or acts of vandalism.
  7. Only Rose Lawn, its employees, and approved contractors may engage in cemetery related duties to include, maintenance of cemetery grounds, and the installation and repair of foundations, grass markers, and monuments.
  8. Rose Lawn may at any time, with or without notice, adopt new rules or amend existing rules.
  9. Correction of Errors: Rose Lawn reserves the right to correct any and all errors that may occur in, or in connection with, the operation of the cemetery, including, without limitation, those involved or in any way related to: (a) the making of any interment, disinterment, transfer, removal, or (b) the description, transfer, granting the right of use or conveyance of a Right of Interment or Cemetery Space.  In connection therewith, Rose Lawn, in order to correct any such errors, shall have the right to substitute, grant the right of use, or convey other Rights of Interment, approximately equal in value as far as feasible, as may be selected by Rose Lawn; or, in the sole discretion of Rose Lawn, the correction of any error may be accomplished by the refunding of the amount of money paid on account of the acquisition or use of a Cemetery Space or Right of Interment or by taking such other action as Rose Lawn may deem necessary or appropriate.  Notwithstanding the generality of any of the foregoing, in the event an error shall involve interment, Rose Lawn shall have the right to remove and transfer the remains that are involved to correct the error.  Upon correcting any such error in the manner herein provided, Rose Lawn and its officers, directors, agents, employees, shareholders and representatives shall have no further obligation or liability whether in tort, contract or otherwise, or in equity for any such error.

Rose Lawn may at any time, with or without notice, adopt new rules and regulations or amend existing rules and regulations.

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Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens is open from Sunrise to Sunset.
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